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Let’s face it – we’re all a fan of the classics. The rose is always the friend we rely on when it comes to any romantic gesture. Want to add an extra punch to a romantic candlelit dinner or plan the perfect finale to an epic proposal? A beautiful bouquet of roses has and always will be the answer!When you're looking for online flowers, you want farm-fresh, long-lasting blooms. Here at, we offer more than just the classic red rose beauties. Our selection of rose bouquets include garden, spray, and tea roses in different vibrant colors that are sure to pop for any upcoming event. Gift someone one of our brighter Roses to show off your undying passion. If that’s not your style, we have lighter options to unveil your soft side. Whether you’re showing your romantic side or simply sending a bouquet “just because”, we have a farm-fresh arrangement that’s perfect for you or your loved one.

Colors And Occasions

Roses are extremely popular for a variety of gift-giving circumstances. Some colors are better suited for certain occasions than others because each rose color sends a different message. For instance, yellow and pink are common colors for Mother's Day. Here are some common rose color meanings so you can choose the right roses delivery for all upcoming occasions.

  • Red roses are by far the most romantic option, making them the best-selling color for of roses. If you and your partner are the romantic types, red roses are ideal for celebrating anniversaries and Valentine's Day. 
  • Pink roses represent femininity, grace, and sweetness. These flowers are ideal to give to your sister, daughter, or friend for any occasion you choose.
  • Orange roses are full of energy and excitement and can show passionate love. They can make someone smile, especially if you're in a relatively new romantic relationship, and are still trying to make a good impression on your partner.
  • Yellow roses represent joy, cheer, sunshine, and happiness. Their vibrant colors are an excellent way to say "Get well soon," "Thanks for being my friend," or "Congratulations on your new baby!"
  • Cream roses are the height of elegance and indicative of thoughtfulness, friendship, and charm. A cream rose bouquet is an excellent "just because" present that lets someone know you're thinking of them.
  • White roses evoke purity, innocence, and new beginnings, making them popular choices for bridal bouquets and Sweet 16 parties.

How To Care For Your Roses After Delivery

When you order a flower arrangement, you want it to last as long as possible. Here are some care tips to make a roses delivery last longer:

  • When you receive the roses, cut the stems at an angle to the length that will best show them off in your vase. Don't cut them too short, since you should keep trimming them over the next week or two.
  • Fill a vase with fresh room temperature water.
  • Add in a packet of flower food or 2 tablespoons of sugar and stir.
  • Arrange the roses in the vase to your liking.
  • Place the vase where the flowers can get plenty of indirect light. Keep them out of direct sun, since that will cause them to fade.
  • Every other day, change out the vase water and cut another inch off the stems, always at an angle.

Ecuador provides the best roses of the world

Due to its perfect weather, which makes it possible for the roses to get sunlight all year long and experience the 4 seasons in the same day, Ecuador is worldwide known for producing the highest quality, more durable and finest roses.

The stem can grow up to 60 inch long, and the flower might reach twice the size of an ordinary rose. Thanks to the careful work of wise expert women dedicated to the fine art of growing roses. is the first company to take the finest roses and cut them when you submit your order to send them from our farm to your doorstep. Our roses spend all their lifespan in your hands instead of a warehouse waiting for you.