March 8, International Women’s Day

Rosaexpress Inc. reminds you that you can not stop delivering roses this March 8.We can delivery roses US alround. Where is you mother? Where is your sister? Send them the most beautifull roses and we delivery on your behalf.

Did you know, that women have always fought for equality of rights, subject to say the least, absolutely elementary, correct and fair. In the year of 1911 in the city of New York, in a textile factory there was a terrible fire where more than 140 lives were lost, most were women.

This fact, plus all the movements of the working women, caused that the UN just in 1977 deliver as the official date of the international day of women on March 8. Women’s Day refers to ordinary women as architects of history, which is why March 8 is a very special occasion for you to give roses to your wife, give roses to your mother, give roses to your daughter, give roses to your friend, that is, give roses to all the women of the world.

You have the opportunity in your hands to click and Rosaexpress is responsible for delivering your roses to whomever you choose.

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